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Ballet is the foundation of technical dance training, and is the root of most dance styles studied today. Ballet develops strength and consistency through exercises that incorporate a meticulous level of detail (i.e. alignment/core control, turnout of the legs, clarity in the feet, grace of the arms, poise of the head and neck, etc.) Ballet trains the dancer’s body lines and control from head to toe. A strong foundation in ballet allows a dancer to successfully train in all other dance styles.


Jazz is a foundational dance style that emphasizes: rhythm, syncopation, grounded movement, isolations, body alignment, core strength, coordination and flexibility. Dancers are encouraged to infuse style and personality into their movement by executing set combinations as well as exploring freestyle movement.


Tap is a historical dance form that emphasizes rhythm, syncopation and musicality of the feet in tap shoes. Combinations can be performed to music with the feet following the beats provided, where the feet generate the musicality on their own. Tap dancing highly trains a dancer’s musicality, coordination and stamina, and is widely used in many commercial and professional dance arenas.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a grounded, street style form of dance usually performed to hip hop music, or music which emphasizes clear rhythms, beats and/or lyrics. Many aspects of hip hop technique are explored. Dancers are encouraged to infuse style and personality into their movement as they train, through executing set combinations and exploring freestyle.


Lyrical is a form of jazz dance that has evolved to incorporate the staples of ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques. There is much emphasis on interpreting the lyrics, mood or intent of the music, to depict specific emotions. Often there is a concept or story dancers are working with to find ways of expressing emotion through their bodies.


Tumbling includes technical skills derived from acrobatics and gymnastics. We use tumbling class to increase the muscle strength/flexibility and agility of our dancers’ bodies, and we teach the skills in progression to ensure proper technique and safety. Skills taught may vary from beginning to advanced levels, and are determined based on the level of individuals as well as the class as a whole.

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